You MUST be a current member of the Builders Exchange of Tennessee to subscribe to the PowerBid internet reporting service. All fees for this service are in addition to annual membership fees and other expenses associated with other membership services and are non-refundable. Termination of membership for any reason will result in immediate expulsion from the PowerBid internet reporting service. Any member that is found to be sharing PowerBid usernames and passwords with other companies or individuals will have their membership immediately terminated, without any warning or recourse.


  • Member to provide Internet access.
  • Service is exclusive to member and cannot be shared.
  • Document clarity is dependent on condition of original source documents and is not guaranteed.
  • BXTN does not warrant programs or job images to be free from defects or errors, known or unknown, existent or latent.
  • BXTN does not warrant software or services provided by others in any manner, nor does KBE warrant that any services or images be guaranteed for any purpose.
  • Documents are to be used only for the purpose intended by the providers of these documents.
  • The United States Copyright laws prohibit the distribution or copying of copyright materials without proper authorization. BXTN will not tolerate any use of the PowerBid internet reporting service which in any way violates the United States Copyright laws. Users must report to BXTN any use of the service which may amount to a copyright infringement. If, in its sole discretion, BXTN determines that any information has been loaded onto the service in violation of the copyright laws, BXTN will delete that information. Any user who, without authorization, loads copyrighted information on the service shall indemnify and hold BXTN harmless from any and all resulting claims and liability.

This agreement was last updated Dec. 2, 2009.