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BXTN has worked side by side with Architects, Engineers, and Owners for decades. Our time proven method gets your project information out quickly and efficiently to the people that need to bid it. All at a fraction of the time, expense and hassle of other methods. Let BXTN help you get visibility for your project and the best bids by putting your next project with BXTN.

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BXTN is here to help in many ways. Our Mission Statement, in part, reads “...The BXTN is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of its members; working to expand business opportunities; fostering fair and honest dealings among all parties to the construction process; and, striving to improve the well being of our community.”

Looking for your next big job? BXTN is ready to help you find your next project. We report on many projects every year that are in need of designers. If you currently post projects with us and provide us with updates, please contact us today about our Courtesy Account opportunities.