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PowerBid is our internet reporting service that provides quick access to complete information on local and regional construction projects. Examples of the information provided include owner/design team contact info, project scope and bid information, and lists of bidders for every project. PowerBid also includes complete access to plans, specifications, and addenda, all from the convenience of your computer. Updated in real-time, PowerBid is the fastest and most accurate source for construction news, information, and project documents. Login to PowerBid now, or request more information if your company is not already a subscriber.

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Private Planroom

Private Planroom is a service provided by the Builders Exchange that allows general contractors, construction managers, architects and engineers to distribute plans and specs electronically, saving the cost and hassle of reproduction and distribution. With Private Planroom, document access is provided only to the subcontractors and suppliers who have been given an access code by the general contractor. The system also includes an Invitation to Bid feature that makes it easy to inform selected subcontractors and suppliers about the project and a bidder tracking log to show which subcontractors and suppliers accessed the project documents online. Private Planroom can save both time and money by streamlining the document distribution process. General contractors, construction managers, architects and engineers interested in the system should contact us for more information, while subcontractors and suppliers can simply go to our Private Planroom page to register for immediate access.

Planroom Service

The Builders Exchange operates planrooms in Knoxville and Nashville where plans and specifications are easily accessible for members desiring to take off quantities and submit quotations. These plans deal with commercial, industrial, public works, and governmental construction projects throughout Tennessee and the surrounding region. Addenda and attachments are carefully recorded. Daily Project Summary sheets listing current plans on file, bid dates, addenda received and location in the planroom are available in the lobby.

Print Shop

The Builders Exchange has print shops in Knoxville and Nashville that offer copies of plans and specifications of all projects that are currently on file in our planrooms, as well as the ability to copy from documents supplied by members. All documents for current projects are scanned and stored electronically to provide quick turn around on most orders. Other services include project documents on CD-ROM and scanning of blueprints & specifications for archival purposes, as well as fax and email services.

Document Scanning & Archiving Service

Let BXTN help you reclaim your valuable office and storage space by scanning, converting to electronic format, and organizing your documents for easy retrieval. We will convert plans and specifications to PDF format for ultimate portability across all platforms (PC & Mac) and we can organize those files in a variety of ways to suit your needs. We can also preserve color markings on “as built” shop drawings that can fade over time. Take advantage of the convenience of electronic document storage today - contact us for further information and a free on-site quote.

Construction Bulletin

Members of the Builders Exchange receive a construction bulletin that lists current plans and specifications available, bid dates, addenda received, prospective, low and awarded bidders, etc. The bulletin is normally published three times each week, but may vary according to the information available.

Fuel Management and Purchasing MasterCard

The fuel management and purchasing MasterCard from BXTN puts you in the driver's seat. The MasterCard based fuel management card gives you the largest acceptance network available with No Card fees, No Monthly or Annual fees. Here are just some of the features available.

  • Largest Acceptance Network
  • No Card Fees
  • Card by Card Controls
  • Detailed Reporting of Purchases
  • Exception Reports
  • Email Alerts
  • Limit types of purchases
  • Adjustable on the fly
  • Online access

Contact BXTN today and start saving tomorrow.

Retirement Plans

BXTN endorses qualified retirement plans for its members. These competitive programs include all services necessary to adopt and maintain a qualified plan for an extremely low annual cost.

Preferred Fleet Program

Our newest member service is our Preferred Fleet Program, which can save members thousands of dollars on new vehicle purchases. We use the combined buying power of construction companies across the country to negotiate special pricing and incentives from the major auto manufacturers. Please contact us for more information or to request a free, no-obligation quote.